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” You Can’t Call Me a Failure When Am Still Trying”

– Olayemi Akande

Hello to you, am super excited you are here. Taking time to check here out means a lot to me and in time will mean a lot to you too.

When we say e-commerce business, we know a whole lot of moving parts are involved and that’s why Eaglebloom was formed. A place where you will get information about starting and running an e-commerce business in the most effective and profitable way- no BS involved

Get to know Me

My name is Olayemi but before I proceed, let me tell you a story

Some 12years ago (when I was still young, curious, and slightly foolishYou’ll get what I mean after the story), I saw some beautiful handbags sold at a website in the USA, and I thought; well if I can just get my hands on these bags, hmmm I’ll make some good profit margin. I went through the pictures of the handbags, mentally chose the ones I wanted, summed them up (mentally remember?) without registering, putting them in the cart or check out.

Then went straight to ‘How to pay’, copied the payment details, and made the payment straight to the bank account...gave the money to a friend that told me he had a domiciliary account to help me with.

Hey, did I forget to tell you I had never engaged in any form of e-commerce but thought I could just ‘wing’ it?

A few days later, I called the website and asked when am getting the bags I paid for, but they did not know what order I was talking about –nor even knew me. Apparently, the transaction ‘winged’ me so hard I lost the $540 I had saved up for months..all because I did not seek needed information.

Back to now

 I have been in the e-commerce space as a business owner and consultant for over 8years, doing over 5,000 transactions with over 350 customers. Am a google certified project manager and also an investment advisor with knowledge in stocks and personal finance. This knowledge has made me more versatile in the business. Even though I made a series of mistakes and lost money in the past, It made me a better business person – and a better person in general

“Everybody has area of greatness, Find Yours”

– Olayemi Akande

You don’t have to lose money or make the same kind of mistakes as me. In fact, you don’t have to make mistakes when it concerns e-commerce business irrespective of the area you are into.

Because –

You will have access to useful information here and of course, you can contact me

Once again welcome to Eaglebloom.

Olayemi Akande