14 Ways To Use Discounting In Your Business



14 Ways To Use Discounting In Your Business

…For small/medium scale business growth


Giving discounts on products is not a new strategy, yet it always works and that’s even talking about the old plain vanilla way. I am referring to that common one that makes you, the seller of the product or service seem like you are tired of the products and just desperately need to sell them for whatever lower prices you can get for them (you get that type, right?).

But the discounting strategy has advanced beyond that old one.

Discounts can now be used to achieve various purposes from long-term to one-time purposes, to gain more followers, attain a particular communal feat, and turn your customers into addicted shoppers without making you look like a charity case.

Another important thing is to know which discounting strategy to use to achieve specific objectives or at a specific period in the life of the business and that is what 14 Ways To Use Discounting In Your Business seeks to teach.

It’s a body of information regarding discounts that you should have for your business use and also keep, so you can always refer to it when you need discounting strategy for any objective while running your business.

This very simple, easy-to-read, and strategy-packed eBook will show 14 unique discounting strategies that you can use to increase brand awareness, achieve specific sales levels, increase your social media following, and get customers to always patronize your store without your business losing its value or dignity.

It also addressed how to run each of these strategies to achieve your set objectives and more than 10 other important things you have to know in order to run an effective discounting promotion,

yet it is going for just $28

This is an investment you must not miss.

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